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Thieves essential oil

Thieves oil gets used more often than any other oil in our house. It was one of my least favourite smelling ones when I first got my starter kit, but once I saw how much it helped with coughs and colds I actually started liking the smell. And now it gets put in the diffuser anytime my hubby or I feel like we might be getting a cold. We also have a rollerball with carrier oil and thieves that gets put on our feet anytime we feel a little under the weather. It really seems to help both of us. It is one of the oils in the starter kit, and one of the oils I’ve purchased most often since because it gets used so often. 

young living


Who really likes doing laundry?  I know I don’t, that being said, it needs to get done whether I like it or not. 

I recently made the switch to the thieves laundry detergent. It seemed a bit expensive at first, so I kept putting off buying it. But after reading so many positive reviews on it and how little you needed I thought I’d give it a try. And I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. It works great, you barely use any, it’s safe for HE washing machines and I love the smell of it. The thing I was most impressed with was that it can get rid of the musty smell that you get if you don’t wring a dishrag out well enough, or someone doesn’t hang up their bath towel, or even worse they wash the clothes and then forget to put it in the dryer. I used to struggle to get that smell out. I had found a few products that did work, but you were adding yet anouther thing to your laundry. This does it all by itself, nothing extra added. 

This is a product that I will definitely be sticking with, it works well, isn’t full of unknown chemicals and seems to last forever.