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What does it mean to be a young living distributor & why should you become one…

I have talked about using oils and why I think you want to do that (or why I think they have helped me and how I think they can help you) and I have talked about the starter kit, but I haven’t really taken the time to explain what it means to be a distributor. You may be thinking “I don’t want to sell oils, I just want to buy some for myself”. I know that’s exactly how I felt when I first started using essential oils. I didn’t want to sell them, I just wanted to use them for myself and my family. That is the perfect reason to sign up as a distributor. I still definitely recommend starting with the premium starter kit just because it gives you a lot of common oils at a fraction of the normal price so that you can try them out, but after that you just need to order 50pv (approximately $50) a year to keep your membership active.

I know, I still haven’t answered the question “why do I want to sign up as a distributor”, the main reason is that all the oils that you buy are 24% cheaper. So think of it as getting a membership to a discount group. You don’t need to sign people up under you, or do anything more than create an account so that you get your oils at a discounted price, and then you only have to order ~$50 a year to keep that membership active.

The other reason to become a distributor is that there is an opportunity to make money. Some people make enough money with young living to be able to quit their ” real” job and just focus on the young living business. The 24% that would have been made if you had bought the product at retail price instead of wholesale price is divided up as a commission to the people who signed you up and who signed them up and so on and so on. So once you are comfortable using the products and decide you would like to share your knowledge and the benefits of using oils you can get people to sign up as a distributor under you and then start generating some extra income. If you have more questions about this please email me and I will answer as many questions about how the commissions work. You can email me at

click here to sign up as a distributor

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Purification essential oil

This oil is one of my go to oils that I got in my starter kit. I have ordered it numerous times since I got into young living. It does exactly what it’s name makes you think it would do. It freshens your air and environment. I’m very scent sensitive and have always gotten headaches from air fresheners. That leads to a pretty smelly truck when these are your co-workers that travel around with you…

Fantastic co-workers, but they don’t always smell the best 😏

I figured I would give purification a try in the home diffuser first to make sure that I wasn’t sensitive to it. Nothing worse than driving all day with a massive headache. I was in luck. It worked, the house smelled great and I didn’t have a headache. So next step was to try to it in the truck. It worked amazing. The truck smelled nice and clean and none of us had any issues with it. I have since used it in my dryer for laundry, much nicer than bounce sheets (in my opinion).  I add a couple drops to my wet laundry right before I throw it in the dryer. I usually find a towel to do it with or a pair of black socks just to make sure it isn’t directly on my favorite dress shirt. 

I also use it in the summer to help deter all the pesty insects that seem to be able to ruin a great walk with the dogs in no time. I put the following blend in a rollerball and top with a carrier oil and put it on the dogs collars and on my exposed skin. 

A great blend to help keep the bugs away
If you are interested in the starter kit or just the purification essential oil blend you can get it here  

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The young living premium starter kit

So after the peppermint oil purchase and a lot of research I decided to jump in with the premium starter kit. It seemed like the best deal to let me try a variety of essential oils for a fraction of the cost of what it would be if I bought each oil individually and it came with a diffuser. 

The starter kit comes with:

  1. Lavender 5ml
  2. Peppermint 5ml
  3. Lemon 5ml
  4. Copabia 5ml
  5. Thieves 5ml
  6. Panoway 5ml
  7. RC 5ml
  8. Purification 5ml
  9. Di-gize 5ml
  10. Frankincense 5ml
  11. Northern lights black spruce 5ml

Plus a number of other “bonus items”. All for $199.95. This kit also signs you up as a wholesale member that allows you to access all of young livings products at a 24% discount. 

I will post more about each oil individually, but wanted to let you all know what my second purchase with young living was. 

If you are interested in the starter kit you can purchase it on my website