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Brogan and Rosco

I am amazed that these 2 have been part of our lives for almost 7 years already. It seems like just yesterday that we got them and were dealing with 2 crazy puppies. Now we are dealing with 2 very spoiled (but well behaved…or mostly well behaved) adult dogs. They travel with me for work almost every day, and for some strange reason love it. I love having travelling companions, they are great company for me when I’m travelling all alone. Hotels and strange towns are less lonely when you have 2 travelling partners. They are the best hotel guests, probably because they have been “working” with me on the road since they were 8 weeks old, and hotels have been a huge part of that.

Brogan and Rosco lounging in a hotel room (I bring blankets to cover all the bedding)

They also love exploring new places with me and we have found a lot of cool places in our off leash excursions in different communities.

A few of our off leash excursions

Sometimes we go to off leash dog parks and sometimes we just explore and see what we can discover. That has changed for us in the last few months because I’m not brave enough to risk Brogan’s heart in off leash excursions and have limited his excitement with other dogs to just hanging out with his brother. Instead we are doing on leash exploration. Not as much fun for any of us. But definitely worth the sacrifice if we can keep Brogan happy and healthy.

Rosco is the usual navigator, but sometimes Brogan takes on the important task instead of sleeping in the back seat.

They are both social butterflies and love meeting new people. That wasn’t always the case with Rosco. He needed a lot of work to gain confidence and understand that most people are friendly and not out to hurt him. He still isn’t as “brave” in new situations as what Brogan is, but the pair of them make a great team. Brogan thinks that everyone is his best friend and his confidence helps Rosco have enough courage to brave the new situation.

These 2 have brought us so much love and happiness that I truly hope that we have them for many many more years.


Rosco, our 2nd rescue dog

Rosco came to us as a skin and bones little stray on Canada day. He was ~10weeks old and not something I would have picked, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade him for any amount of money now that we have him. He is a complete sweetheart and we love him dearly. He really did come into our lives for a reason. We had him for 3 months when we lost Sloan. They were best buds for the short time that they were together and Sloan definitely helped build Rosco’s confidence. You see when we got Rosco he was fierce when it came to bossing Sloan and being a pest with him, but was very timid around us. Walking him on a leash was almost impossible because as soon as he got scared he would pull out of his collar in a panick, but then he would run right back to me. It was ironic that he was scared of the leash, but wanted to be with me. He would, however, walk like a pro on a leash if I attached the end to Sloan’s collar. So we did that until Rosco realized the leash wasn’t a strange torture device.


The poor guy also had some major food issues. He had obviously went hungry in the short time he was on this earth before we got him. Because Sloan had to have everything in his high chair we were on a strict schedule with Rosco’s meals too. But that must have meant to him that food wasn’t always available and he would hoard it. We used to find piles of dog food hidden under pillows, under blankets and wherever else he figured it would be safe for later. He had lots of time to eat the food in his dish, but he always took some of that time to hide some of it.

Rosco as a puppy shortly after we got him (and decided to keep him)

He got to enjoy a lot of off leash time with Sloan. Sloan had a fantastic recall and because Rosco was never far behind Sloan he had a great recall too. Sloan loved to swim and play fetch, especially frisbee and Rosco was catching on from him. He became a great fetcher, frisbee came later in life when he was older and more confident, same with swimming. He would wade into the water with Sloan, but wasn’t brave enough to actually swim that first summer.

Aug 20th -25th 002.JPG
He wasn’t a fan of swimming yet, but he LOVED mud puddles

We lost Sloan the end of September and I was too sad to do much more than cuddle Rosco. We still did walks, and he came with me on the road for work everyday, but I was heartbroken and poor Rosco didn’t know what to do about it…he just wanted to be with me. Which I needed.

Rosco and I on our first walk without Sloan

My hubby finally told me 2 weeks after Sloan was gone that he hadn’t seen me smile in 2 weeks and I needed to start looking for a puppy. I wasn’t ready, but in that time I had told Sloan’s breeder that he had died and she had let me know she wasn’t breeding anymore, but that Sloan’s older sister was with a couple who had a litter and if I wanted my free puppy now was the time. I didn’t want a puppy. But my hubby convinced me to at least meet the puppies and then decide.

I went and met 3 of the puppies. And everybody was right. It was what our family needed. I picked a male again. He was a goofy guy. And was the distraction we all needed. It took us a weekend to decide on a name for him.

Welcome to our family Brogan.

Brogan taking a nap, tad spoiled even as a puppy
Brogan with a bone, and HUGE ears

We still have both of them. So I will do a better introduction of Brogan and then the posts will be about the 2 of them together. It’s very rare to find one without the other now. They are only 4 months apart in age and you would think they were littermates for how close they are to each other.

Rosco makes a good pillow (and he is also a great “big brother” )