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The young living premium starter kit

So after the peppermint oil purchase and a lot of research I decided to jump in with the premium starter kit. It seemed like the best deal to let me try a variety of essential oils for a fraction of the cost of what it would be if I bought each oil individually and it came with a diffuser. 

The starter kit comes with:

  1. Lavender 5ml
  2. Peppermint 5ml
  3. Lemon 5ml
  4. Copabia 5ml
  5. Thieves 5ml
  6. Panoway 5ml
  7. RC 5ml
  8. Purification 5ml
  9. Di-gize 5ml
  10. Frankincense 5ml
  11. Northern lights black spruce 5ml

Plus a number of other “bonus items”. All for $199.95. This kit also signs you up as a wholesale member that allows you to access all of young livings products at a 24% discount. 

I will post more about each oil individually, but wanted to let you all know what my second purchase with young living was. 

If you are interested in the starter kit you can purchase it on my website

young living


Who really likes doing laundry?  I know I don’t, that being said, it needs to get done whether I like it or not. 

I recently made the switch to the thieves laundry detergent. It seemed a bit expensive at first, so I kept putting off buying it. But after reading so many positive reviews on it and how little you needed I thought I’d give it a try. And I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. It works great, you barely use any, it’s safe for HE washing machines and I love the smell of it. The thing I was most impressed with was that it can get rid of the musty smell that you get if you don’t wring a dishrag out well enough, or someone doesn’t hang up their bath towel, or even worse they wash the clothes and then forget to put it in the dryer. I used to struggle to get that smell out. I had found a few products that did work, but you were adding yet anouther thing to your laundry. This does it all by itself, nothing extra added. 

This is a product that I will definitely be sticking with, it works well, isn’t full of unknown chemicals and seems to last forever.

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Headache issues? Here is a rollerball recipe that might help…

So I have issues with headaches sometimes, and have had a few in the past the nothing seems to touch. In fact a bad headache is the reason I tried essential oils to start with.

My research led me to this rollerball recipe. Since I found it so long ago I’m not able to credit where I found it. But it does really work.

The nice thing is that all the oils in this blend come in the starter kit.  Which you can purchase from my website.

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My start with essential oils

I’m not sure how much any of you know about young living, so I will start off with how I started. 

One day I had a terrible headache that wouldn’t go away. I had tried ibuprofen and Tylenol and neither had touched it. So I went over to a friends house and she suggested I try peppermint oil. Low and behold the headache was gone in about 30min. That was the beginning of my love of essential oils. However I didn’t immediately jump in with a full starter kit. I’m a researcher by nature. So I got my friend to order me a bottle of peppermint while I researched essential oils and all the companies that sold them. 

What convinced me to go with young living is their seed to seal promise. I liked knowing that none of their plants had been sprayed with anything. So I wasn’t using something that had concentrated the pesticides and chemicals that are often used to control weeds and pests. And I also liked that there was opportunity to grow a business with it and possibly make some extra money if I was so inclined. But I’ve been using oils for a couple years now and only in the last couple months have I started to think about the business side of things. 

So if anyone wants to try just one oil give me a shout and I can order it in for you. Or you can head to my website and order one for yourself. Whatever you prefer.

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Thieves cleaner to the rescue…

I flew in from an out of town work trip and came out to this disaster

The mess one can of pop can make in your vehicle if it freezes. 

I had started my Truck so it would be warm by the time I got out to it but instead I was greeted by a can of diet Pepsi that had frozen and then exploded 😢. Now I don’t drink pop, so you can imagine how unimpressed I was with my hubby at this point in time. Unfortunately starting the truck was now working against me. The pop was melting and dripping on everything on my drive home. I parked it outside when I got home and ran in the house to put towels over everything so the mess was somewhat contained while I tried to figure out how I was going to clean this all up.

Then I had a lightbulb moment… thieves cleaner… works wonders on my bathroom, takes dog spit off the truck seats and windows. Maybe it would be worth a try.

I mixed up one capful of young living thieves cleaner into a bowl of warm water and went out to tackle the pop. I was amazed. The pop was coming out, and there was no sticky residue. The day (and my Truck) was saved by thieves cleaner.

You can purchase this miracle worker in the thieves starter kit or as a stand alone product via my website