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Brogan – 1 year without you

The last couple of weeks you have really been on my mind…you always are, but lately I think of you and reminisce about all your unique personality traits that I miss so much.

You were always a happy guy, although you often looked like Eyore πŸ™„. You greeted the people you loved with your winey bark and then demanded that they pet you, or massage you, or give you the attention you deserved. You always communicated better than any other dog. You let people know exactly what you were thinking. I’ll always remember you banging your empty food dish around to let me know it needed to be filled immediately… even if the dish beside it was still full. You also knew how to ask for your bones back (The ones that were taken away for whatever reason and put on top of the fridge), you made it VERY clear what you wanted.

I was also always amazed at how you knew based on what I was wearing if you were coming or had to wait for an invite. Dress clothes meant we were going to work and you got to spend the day in the truck, casual clothes you waited for an invite. Me getting “organized” for our walks at the lake led to the most excitement. You LOVED everything about walking at the lake. You were never great at swimming, but loved to play in every puddle, slough, mud hole and of course the lake.

You were never much for mornings and I often had to go get you a few times if we needed to leave early, you would eventually slide off the bed, back feet still in and head and upper body on the floor and then you would finally get up and get going.

I also laugh at how you loved frisbee, you were never any good at it, but you played, and were so proud of yourself. Rosco would catch the frisbee, you just fetched it, but you had fun and thought you were doing everything exactly the way it was meant to be.

You were always a picky eater. Refusing treats if they weren’t your favorite… but if we gave you something you liked you would pick up the dish and carry it to your bed. Such a character. You also made training a challenge, because really nothing I had was worth doing something you didn’t feel like doing… even simple things like “sit” were often ignored by you. You were probably one of our smartest dogs, but definitely not the most obedient.

You were always a gentle giant, didn’t matter the size of dog you met you always tolerated and played with them. Sometimes you would get frustrated because Rosco and Crash were too fast for you and you would grab Crash and pin him down. But never hurt him, just held him until I made you let him go. You were also the most gentle guy with kids. Occasionally got excited and knocked them over, but other than that you watched your size and just sat beside them for all the pets.

You picked your favorite toys and never wrecked them. Played with them endlessly, but never destroyed one.

You were one of a kind (as all dogs are) and I still miss you so much. Writing this is making me cry…

I hope you are happy enjoying everything you love in doggy heaven. I miss you more than words can explain.

Rest Easy Brogan ❀️

2 thoughts on “Brogan – 1 year without you

  1. Hugs my friend. Crash and I miss those fun walks with his best friends!
    I forgot to tell you a Dragon fly came to visit me yesterday and today❀️ One made me think of my grandma letting me know she was watching out over my kiddos and the other made me think of you.

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