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Kane 17 weeks

Well technically he is 18 weeks old tomorrow (how is he already 4 1/2 months old) but as of today he is still 17 weeks, and I’m writing about this week, so the post title still works šŸ™„

This past week has been brutally cold…like -40 without wind cold some days, and since Kane barely likes -10 we have done no outside activities. He runs out, goes potty, and races in as fast as his cold feet will get him back inside. It has led to him being a little less sleepy and a little more crazy in the house. But that’s okay, I feel his pain. I’m going stir crazy too.

Because it was so cold we worked on our training and this week in puppy classes we moved to the next step of “leave it” and he caught on first try and nailed it each time since. No matter how much more we have challenged him. We haven’t practiced loose leash walking either, but he was a rock star at that in class too. He even got compliments from the trainer on how well he was doing. He is very eager to please, and crazy food motivated, so it makes it much easier to train.

He has mastered the art of following the sun around the house

To try to help him with some of his excess energy, and boredom, we also started some treadmill training. The first step is supposed to be just stepping onto the treadmill, but the first time I had him walking on it at a slow speed. The second night he wasn’t as focused on what he was doing, so didn’t walk on it as well, but would still get on, take a few steps, let himself slide off the back and then go again. So we will continue working with him on that. It’s not as nice as getting out for a walk with him, but it will definitely help when he is full of energy and it’s too cold to burn it off.

He is about 44lbs (I picked him up and weighed us together, but he was a little squirmy, so that’s just an estimated weight) and is almost as tall as Rosco. It’s crazy how fast he is growing. We have a group chat with his siblings and it’s amazing to hear about all the similarities between the litter mates. Genetics definitely play a big role in their personalities.

He definitely has more energy than our Bordeaux’s did, but we are really enjoying him.

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