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Kane Chronicles – 16 weeks

Kane is officially 4 months old, we have now had him in our lives for 1/2 of his. He is turning out to be a great guy. He is catching on to the new things we teach him quickly and is always eager to do training sessions (probably because he is so food motivated 🤪), but no matter his reasoning we love that he is eager to please. His puppy classes are going well. He is showing more confidence and less fear, so although he doesn’t get to play with and meet the other people in the class being around other people and dogs and having to follow commands is helping him.

He still isn’t a fan of the cold, but loves playing in the snow (and ice) if it is mild out.

Kane playing with chucks of ice he breaks off

Rosco has put him in his place more times in the last week than he has before, but Kane needs it. He is a little rough at time and when he gets excited he forgets all semblance of manners. Rosco reminds him he can’t be a complete jerk. We are also working on him not jumping or putting his feet on people. “Off” is said to him often and he is slowly learning that when he sits or stands by people he gets attention but isn’t getting rewarded for putting his feet on people. He will be a big guy and no one appreciates a dog that jumps.

It’s kinda sad that he doesn’t have as much confidence around new people as he should (or I should say I hoped he would). It is really hard to expose him to new people with all the covid19 restrictions, but we are doing our best, and he does warm up after a few minutes. So we are making progress.

He makes us laugh with some of his antics, he still has puppy goofiness and who can help but laugh at that.

He checks to see what you are doing by popping his head over the back of the couch instead of coming around
Still needs all his winter gear for walks or he just shivers
Loves to snuggle and is a great co-worker while I’m working from home

I have taken a lot of pictures and tried to document his growth. The above pictures show his trip home and his trip to the vet for his vaccinations. Hard to believe he has grown so much in his few months with us.

Tonight we have puppy classes again, this is the 1/2 way mark and then we will have to decide what we want to do next. There is a place in the city that does swimming, I’m calling it puppy swimming lessons, but I know they call it something else. Regardless of what it is called I really want him to be a confident swimmer, so that is definitely on the list of things to do next.

Last week we also did a little dog park walk, it was pretty cold, so it was just us, a friend and her older dog. So a perfect experience for him. He proved his recall is fantastic no matter where we use it.

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