We just got an actifry, I know, I know we are a little behind “trend” since everyone else is raving about their new instapot on every social media site I’m on. But I already have a pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker so figured the actifry would be a better addition to our list of cooking appliances. Not saying I don’t want an instapot, because I do. But it’s harder to justify it. Anyway, back to the actifry. I picked it up last night. And of course we had to try French fries in it. Just to see how they compared to oven roasted or deepfried potatoes. Wow, color me impressed, they were amazing. We have a fry cutter, so I peeled and cut up some garden potatoes, put them in the actifry, added 1 actifry scoop (which seems to be about a tablespoon) of canola oil and walked away. It says they take ~45min, but ours were ready in 40. And they were amazing. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. By far the best fries we’ve ever made. And I’m sure, based on the amount of oil in them, a lot better for us as well. 

While they were cooking I glanced through the recipe book that came with it. Some pretty delicious looking ones I definitely want to try. And the last page of the book gives you an app to download that has even more recipes. I’m sure I spent 2 hours after supper browsing through recipes. 

I will be sure to share any keepers that I find. But for now I know that the fries were amazing and that alone made it a worth while purchase. 

4 thoughts on “ActiFry 

  1. LOL Color me Old as never heard of actifry but have heard of the instapot — we were thinking of getting one but Costcovwas sold out — guess we should check again
    Glad you enjoyed your Fries 🍟
    Know you will make good use and look forward to hearing more 👍👍😏
    Where did u get it and how much — will tell K about it 😏😏👍👍

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  2. We love our actifry, just had to buy our 4th as the last one died (we use it practically every day to do some form of potato so they’re well used) but only ever use it for potatoes as it’s hard to clean anything else off of it – if any recipes call for egg, save yourself hours of cleaning time and just don’t add it 😂 x

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