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As I mentioned previously, we have 2 dogs. Both are 6 years old and both would be considered large…although we say one is big and one is small I think that our perspective of small might be a little skewed because the “big” one is almost 150lbs, so our “small” one seems small to us at 55lbs, but I think in the normal dog sized world he would be in the medium to large category. But I digress, the reason for this post is that in the last 6 years we have done more off leash walking than anything, which meant that neither dog walked that well on leash, but they both have great (or mostly great anyway) recalls. Until recently their leash walking skills wasn’t that big of a deal. 

Last fall our dogue de bordeaux (Brogan) was diagnosed with heart failure. So that meant we needed to restrict his activity. And because we walk together that meant Rosco (the “little one”) was stuck with on leash walks as well. Surprisingly Brogan remembered our loose leash walking lessons from puppy classes.  Rosco, however, wasn’t great at it in puppy classes and not practising didn’t improve it. We went through a pile of different “tools” to try to make walking Rosco more enjoyable for both of us, but he seemed to figure out how to get around the “tool” and still keep the leash as tight as possible for the whole walk. 

That lead to a bunch of research so that I could find something that would allow us to enjoy a walk without me being angry at Rosco the whole time. I had tried gentle leaders/head halters on him, but he had figured out that if he tucked his head into his chest he could still pull. So I wasn’t sure if the newtrix halter would work better or not. But I figured I had tried a lot of other things and walking wasn’t enjoyable so what’s one more thing. 

I ordered the new trix halter off their website ( and waited for it to come in, praying that it would be the solution to our walking issues. I tried it out as soon as I got it and amazingly after 2 little corrections he figured out what I wanted and walked nicely beside me. Now I’m not saying he’s a perfect leash walker, but he is a million times better. I rarely have to correct him more than a couple times in a walk. So I would highly recommend the newtrix halter to any dog that pulls on a leash. What makes it different than the other head halters that I tried is that it hooks behind the head instead of under the chin. And I guess for him that was the key to understanding what I was wanting from him on our walks. 

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  1. Have you considered doing some updated loose lead training with him? These head collars are a quick fix and can save a lot of hassle, but the only long term solution is proper training. Is that something you have the time for? It’s so rewarding.


    1. Sorry I wasn’t very clear, that is exactly what I’m using the head halter for, a training tool, so that I can use positive reinforcement to get him to learn what I want (walking on a loose leash). It’s hard to reward him when he couldn’t get it right before.


      1. I’ve always been a fan of clicker training. So that’s what we are doing. And he’s coming along nicely.
        Do you have a training blog? If so I will definitely check it out.


      2. Not as of yet. I’m a dog walker currently training with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and have only 2 days ago started my blog… who knows where it may lead. In regards to clicker training, what method of loose lead are you using? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions, I’m just curious.


      3. Good for you on starting a blog, and working on dog training. I too just started my blog. I’m still very uncomfortable with it all if I’m being completely honest lol.
        Right now we are working on getting further distances of walking loosely on leash before he gets a click and treat. It’s coming, but definitely a work in progress.


      4. Thanks, it’s helping me cope with my recent unexpected breakup so I’m quite thankful for it. Dogs > humans. Have a go at the wonky walking technique, change direction, walk backwards, sideways, forwards. Make your dog wonder what the hell you’re doing so they begin following you like huh? Every time they change direction/loose lead to see what on earth you’re doing, mark ‘good’ and treat. Also, if they are pulling, simply stop. Wait (as long as you have to) for your dog to look around at you, mark ‘good’ and treat. Eventually they will look around as soon as you stop and eventually they’ll be too busy looking around to pull. It’s hard to explain properly over message but you likely get the idea.

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      5. Totally understand. Used to do this when I just had one dog. Its harder with 2 cause the one that is doing it correctly thinks you are on crack lol, but I will definitely have to give it a go again. Because it definitely helped with my first Rottie.
        Good luck with everything and thanks for the advice.

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