young living

The young living premium starter kit

So after the peppermint oil purchase and a lot of research I decided to jump in with the premium starter kit. It seemed like the best deal to let me try a variety of essential oils for a fraction of the cost of what it would be if I bought each oil individually and it came with a diffuser. 

The starter kit comes with:

  1. Lavender 5ml
  2. Peppermint 5ml
  3. Lemon 5ml
  4. Copabia 5ml
  5. Thieves 5ml
  6. Panoway 5ml
  7. RC 5ml
  8. Purification 5ml
  9. Di-gize 5ml
  10. Frankincense 5ml
  11. Northern lights black spruce 5ml

Plus a number of other “bonus items”. All for $199.95. This kit also signs you up as a wholesale member that allows you to access all of young livings products at a 24% discount. 

I will post more about each oil individually, but wanted to let you all know what my second purchase with young living was. 

If you are interested in the starter kit you can purchase it on my website

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