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Thieves cleaner to the rescue…

I flew in from an out of town work trip and came out to this disaster

The mess one can of pop can make in your vehicle if it freezes. 

I had started my Truck so it would be warm by the time I got out to it but instead I was greeted by a can of diet Pepsi that had frozen and then exploded 😢. Now I don’t drink pop, so you can imagine how unimpressed I was with my hubby at this point in time. Unfortunately starting the truck was now working against me. The pop was melting and dripping on everything on my drive home. I parked it outside when I got home and ran in the house to put towels over everything so the mess was somewhat contained while I tried to figure out how I was going to clean this all up.

Then I had a lightbulb moment… thieves cleaner… works wonders on my bathroom, takes dog spit off the truck seats and windows. Maybe it would be worth a try.

I mixed up one capful of young living thieves cleaner into a bowl of warm water and went out to tackle the pop. I was amazed. The pop was coming out, and there was no sticky residue. The day (and my Truck) was saved by thieves cleaner.

You can purchase this miracle worker in the thieves starter kit or as a stand alone product via my website